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“I’m allergic to pretty much everything out there but this is the first soap that I can just lather, rinse and go, without worrying about itching or getting a rash. Perfect for both face and body.”

Megumi Rinaldi, New York City, NY


Fragrance-Free and Unscented

Everything we make is free of synthetic fragrance—the number one cause of contact dermatitis. The products below have no added scent at all.

All Herbaria Products Fragrance-Free

Many of our customers who had reacted to artificially scented products found they could enjoy all of our goods because our aromas come from essential oils. 

What Does Scent-Free Mean?

Beware of others' claims of "scent-free." It could mean they use chemicals to hide an offensive scent. LaRee's Scent Free bar has no added scent at all.  

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