Why Good Soap Matters

LaRee, the founder of Herbaria, explains our origins.


“We’re not just selling soap; we’re part of a revolution—a revolution of environmental consciousness and natural living.

I’m LaRee DeFreece. I started Herbaria because I couldn’t find an all natural soap that left my skin feeling moisturized and was also a pleasure to use. I was particularly interested in restoring health to my sun damaged skin.

We need healthy skin to protect us adequately from infection, to help us regulate our body temperature, to synthesize vitamin D. We also like our skin to be beautiful and healthy.

In 2000, for my work, I took an advanced class in chemistry and surprised myself by how much I loved it. I was especially intrigued by how oxidation and the management of free radicals relate to the health of our cells and the aging process in general.

My new knowledge fueled a passion in me to try making a super moisturizing soap. I delved into books and Internet sites and learned more about natural healing, aromatherapy, and cold process soap making.

After many failed attempts, I arrived at a formula that met my primary goals of using only vegetable ingredients and creating an extra moisturizing bar with plenty of creamy lather.

That first perfect batch was unscented. Then, after studying the therapeutic values of essential oils, I made several scented batches.

I gave my scented soaps to friends and family and they unanimously said, “We must have more!”

Five years later, we have customers from all 50 states and several countries.

[Reading customer quotes]

'The aromas are amazing.'

'Best soap I've ever used.'

'We are herbaria addicts.'

'As a guy, I thought I'd never be raving about soap.'

'I had no idea how different a bar of soap could be.'

'My husband's contact dermatitis is gone.'

'My skin has never been so soft.'

These comments thrill me. They help me know our mission is on target. They affirm my belief that I was not the only one looking for something totally different.

Our customers tell me they love Herbaria products because we use pure and simple ingredients. You can pronounce every word on our product labels—no long list of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colorings, no preservatives. And no Triclosan or other antibacterial agents that upset the natural balance of the environment and contaminate our rivers and streams. Our soaps are biodegradable.

Customers value the natural scents we choose. All of our fragrances come from the essential oils of herbal treasures like sage, rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender. We are careful to select plants grown and harvested responsibly. It is really important to me that Herbaria is Earth-friendly and promotes ethical values.

We are cruelty-free, we are vegan, and we are a green business changing the way we take care of our planet, one product at a time. Come visit us on our website often. We continually develop new, wholesome products.

We’re always happy to hear from you. Be well.”

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