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We offer both a bar soap and shave soap with West Indian bay, Pimenta racemosa, not to be confused with Laurus nobilis bay laurel.
4 fl oz
Most air fresheners and linen sprays saturate a room with throat-choking smells from synthetic fragrance. These aerosols also employ chemical propellants such as propane and butane. Ambiente Room Freshener and Linen Spray uses wholesome essential oils with natural aromas to delight you. Leave the bathroom without embarrassment. Five delightful varieties.

4.5 oz bar

If you’re searching for classic bay rum scent in a soap, we’ve got the best. We’re crazy about it! We offer this body bar with or without exfoliating oatmeal and also in a round, creamy shave puck. Vibrant with the irresistible spiciness of the West Indian bay tree, this soap will quickly become your favorite. Prized essential oil of Pimenta racemosa, a cousin of allspice, dominates the fragrance. Then we top off the aroma with just a dash of sweet orange oil. The natural russet color of the bar comes from steeped elderberries.

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2 fl oz
Herbaria Beard Oil soothes and conditions your beard and the skin under it without being greasy. You’ll look good all day and your skin will be itch-free. In response to customer requests, we developed this odorless blend of moisturizing organic oils: jojoba, high oleic sunflower seed and babassou. These oils won’t clog pores but will soften coarse whiskers, keep hair follicles healthy and leave your beard shiny. Terrific for your hair, too. Scents or Nonscents We offer one unscented variety and three scented. The aromatic essential oils of Herbaria Beard Oil won’t overwhelm or irritate like synthetic fragrance oils. Our Beard Oil is only lightly scented not only to avoid allergic reaction to the essential oils, but because it will be under your nose all day. You and anyone close to you will enjoy our three scented varieties: Bay Rum is spicy with a touch of sweet orange. Vetiver is woodsy, with cedarwood oil, vetiver and bergamot. Key Lime, bright and refreshing, combines lime, lavender and frankincense. How to Use Shower and shampoo your beard. The aim is to prevent bacteria from growing on your face. Any of our soap varieties will do the job nicely. Antibacterial agents are unnecessary. Now, towel your beard nearly dry. Put a few drops of Beard Oil in your palms, rub them together and then apply the oil to your whiskers. A little goes a long way. Work the oil into your beard and down to your skin. Comb it through, and then style it to look neat and groomed. The image we’ve chosen for our Beard Oil label is an 1892 self-portrait of the dapper American photographer, William Henry Jackson.

4.5 oz bar
Ground red rice, like oatmeal, provides a pleasurably bumpy ride when you use this mildly exfoliating soap. The other red in the name comes from red yeast rice, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known as hóng qū mǐ. Eat five bars of this soap a week and you’ll lower your blood pressure. In truth, red yeast rice is often used as a food colorant. It tints our bars a warm mahogany. The scent is harder to explain. It's a blend we created of eight essential oils to make a tantalizing natural perfume. It has a rich, warm, light spicy scent. The moisturizer we've chosen for this bar is mango butter. Mango butter is highly unsaponifiable, which means that it doesn’t turn to soap. It remains a butter that will soften, smooth and moisturize rough, dry skin.
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3.5 oz puck
Unless you shave with our soaps, you’re subjecting your face to an astounding assault of petrochemicals, detergents, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. Ouch! By contrast, the wholesome ingredients in our shave pucks are especially kind to your skin. They are rich with moisturizing emollients and produce slick, cushiony, long-lasting lather. We guarantee you a close, comfortable shave, especially if you follow our suggestions to enjoy the best shave ever. We offer three superb combinations of scent and moisturizer. As in all our products, we use only essential oils for their complex and alluring aromas. Natural clays are added for lubrication and thickness.


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