Ken Gilberg's Favorites

Ken Gilberg

Herbaria Soaps - "I like all of our soap varieties. I like rotating through the whole lineup. Using a bar a month, that takes 5 years. For Staff Picks, I choose Red Red Rice Soap, only because it is our least-selling soap and still is out of this world."

7 Mints Aftershave - "I've got a pretty heavy beard and I love to be cleanly shaven. I shave every day. Our aftershaves leave my face feeling healthy and protected for hours. Ours aren't what most people think of as an aftershave. Ours don't have overwhelming artificial fragrance in a base of drying alcohol. 7 Mints Aftershave is my favorite for summer, but I enjoy the other scents as well."

Key Lime Deodorant - "People tell me I'm the best smelling guy ever. Our deodorants work well without a slew of chemicals on tender armpits. I find if I scrub my pits well, with a luffa or washcloth, I remove the odor-causing bacteria and I'm good for a day. Just running a bar over the pits won't do it. I especially enjoy the scent of the clary sage essential oil, said to be antibacterial, in the Key Lime blend."

Jojoba Oil - "An amazing moisturizer for the entire body. Look at the ingredients in most moisturizers: water, petroleum, preservatives, fragrance... Jojoba is a unique plant native to the US Southwest, the only species in the family Simmondsiaceae. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax. It absorbs quickly."

Soapy's Choice Luffa - "Soapy is off-leash often, and she always seems to find and roll in the most obnoxious smells. So she gets a shower often. The luffa cleans her coat well and helps remove hairs that would have shed. I like the Soapy's Choice Luffa for myself as well. I'm a hairy guy and shed, too. Might as well wash our hairs down the drain."

Neem Oil - "This is my wonder drug! Any bits of eczema I might get, any cracked toes or athlete's foot, any keratoses, almost any skin problem, I put Neem Oil on and it helps."


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