Our Neighborhood, The Hill

We are happy to be located on The Hill, one of the most visited neighborhoods in St. Louis, and considered to be the largest and most intact Italian neighborhood in the United States.

St. Ambrose Romaan Catholic Church

The anchor of The Hill, St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church, is just south of us.


Soapy crosses Marconi in front of St. Ambrose

The Bell Tower is visible from this view. Soapy jaywalks to Milo's Bocce Garden. 


The Italian Immigrants by Rudolf Torrini

The Italian Immigrants sculpture in front of St. Ambrose Church reflects the 100-year history of both Northern and Southern Italians settling here. Many found work in the brickyards and clay pits nearby.

St. Ambrose interior

St. Ambrose Parish began in 1903 and built this charming church in 1926.

Piazza Imo

Every Italian town has its piazza. Across the street from the church, you'll find Piazza Imo to relax, meet up with friends, play a game of chess. (Photo taken before dogs were not allowed.)

Milo's Bocce Garden

Kity-corner to the church, across the street from Herbaria, in a building that’s been a tavern since 1902, you'll find Milo’s Bocce Garden, a lively bar and restaurant with bocce courts on the large patio.


Shop Italian grocery stores.


Who can pass a bakery? Choose from several.


Choosing a flavor of gelato is challenging, but worth the effort.



Restaurants draw hundreds to The Hill daily. From sandwich shops…

espresso coffee

to coffee houses...


to elegant dining.


Getting hungry?


Soapy in a garden

After eating, take a walk around the neighborhood. Discover countless Madonnas.

houses on the Hill

Enjoy the quirky architecture of The Hill. Look for building elements salvaged from the 1904 World’s Fair.

Hill Neighborhood Center

The Hill Neighborhood Center at Dagget and Marconi conserves and displays memorabilia and the history of the community. The Center offers information, maps, and souvenirs. They're not always open—we can also help guide you, just ask.

Wine Walk

Visit the Hill for the many events held yearly, such as the Wine Walk, Italian Heritage Day, and La Festa, and Soap Box Derby.


Giro della Montagna

Over Labor Day weekend, pro cyclists converge for the Giro della Montagna, part of the Gateway Cup.

Christmas on the Hill

Christmas on The Hill brings the holiday spirit home. 

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate offers free tours of its state-of-the-art facility. They’re like us—all natural!

Green Shag Market

Treasure hunt at antique markets.

Berra Park

Play in Berra Park and Sublette Park.   

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