Are you, like so many, suffering from dry, itchy skin? Treat yourself to our moisturizing, handcrafted soaps. All of our bars are excellent for sensitive skin. They make abundant creamy lather, last a long time, and are guaranteed to please you.

Regular bars are $5.95. They weigh 4.5-oz each. 

Premium bars, with more costly ingredients, are mostly $8.49. They weigh 4.5-oz, except for the 8-oz Shiraz bar, $12.95

We offer more than 60 varieties of our face and body soaps. All are scented naturally with essential oils and have extra emollients to moisturize your skin. The exception is Old-Fashioned Lye Soap, made without added scent or emollients. We shred Old Fashioned Lye Soap to make Burano Laundry Soap.

Included in this "Soaps" category are our Shampoo Bars because they actually are real soap. They are made with a different base of vegetable oils from our face and body soaps, and produce more lather and keep hair and scalp healthy. 


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